It Would Be Nice To Have A Handbook

Things were probably not explained to me very often or all that well when I was young. I wish I learned more immediately important lessons like confidence, patience, how to deal with difficult people, how to persevere and be a man, how to pick up chicks, how to deal with money, how to get my head straight, how to run a business, how to discern my bests interests, you know, all that stuff a conscientious parent would normally take the time to teach and teach well. I don't think I learned that much considering the mismatched examples of psychological weakness I was given as parents, but I did learn some things at an early age other kids wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to learn. I guess you just don't think about making a list of life lessons when you're a parent, but you must end up passing on some of them through example. You'd think in an ideal situation you would make a list or whatever, but I think it doesn't happen much these days because parents probably have a lot on their plates as it is without trying to be constant mentors as well. In my oppinion the quality of truly significant parenting is declining slightly because of economic reasons, modern youth culture, technology, and 'all that jazz'. However, I guess with the advent of the internet and sites like EP we can draw from a universal source of life lessons anyway. That's how I learned/ am learning the lessons I missed due to things not going right. I think the older I get the more I'm looking back and understanding how I need to live my life, so maybe one of these days I'll write a handbook of the most important things I know in regards to life experience so that others can learn how to live well and prosper on their own.     

Explodey Explodey
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

hi just read your story i taught myself,different things of life,iam still being taught every day is valuble, i have learnt how too read people and if you can master that art you cannot go wrong in life.