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Yep - That's Me!

I fully admit that I spend way too much time on the internet.  I am an internet fiend -- always searching for information and looking for things that pique my curiosity.  Once I start surfing, it is a non-stop free-for-all adventure that leads me to unusual places I would have never sought out otherwise.  Like, for instance, EP!  It was during one fateful night that I was googling something and came across this site.  The rest as they say, is history.

So I guess the moral of the story is that too much of a bad thing can lead to a good thing! lol
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 14 Responses May 24, 2010

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WL3 - pull up a chair and surf to your heart's content! I haven't checked out reddit, so now I can add another site to my surfing pleasure! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Happy surfing! :-D

I don't know what you guys have going on in this little back and forth thing, but just thought I'd add my two cents. I'm also addicted to mindless wanderings on the internet. It's so sad. I'm literally on all day at work for my job, and then come home and just immediately want to check what's new on reddit. gah, ridiculous!

You're in good company, Tmtm1. :-)

same spend tooooooooo much time, arghhh........

SITO - you are so sweet my dear. I have been fortunate to have much good come from this technology - meeting people like you. :-)

Vignette ~ the internet or world wide web can hold and bring you many things. some good, some bad. I only wish for you the good and rewarding!<br />
<br />
always<br />
<br />

C - who's calling your bizarre, my dear? Or was it a joke and I'm just not gettin' it? Wouldn't be the first time! lol

Who you callin' "bizarre", woman?? I resemble that remark.<br />
<br />
Tsk, tsk....

I have to admit - this is a new one. I've never been loved for my internet use before. This is even better than the old pick-up line, "Hey Baby, what's your sign?" lol

I knew I loved you for something besides your body!

Hope those treats were good, Smugit! lol

BP - I knew I couldn't have been the only one! lol I have to admit, so far I am pretty impressed with EP. Sure, there are some bizarre folks here, but there are also many wonderful people to interact with. I find it interesting and fun to get to know people from all over. There are so many that are genuinely nice.

surfin for new treat flavors and hit on EP then busted by the furless ones. heehehehe glad you here.

That's pretty much how I ended up here. I was looking for an intelligent adult forum for months before I found EP.