I Really Wish I Didn't Do This!

I have something to do. It is important, possibly a bit dull and most likely has a deadline for its completion. And here it is - the very situation where I will go and waste way too much on the internet! If I have some free time, and could feasibly just sit around and surf the net, then I won’t feel the need to. Why? Who knows! For example, right now I am supposed to be doing an essay. Sensibly, I sat down at my laptop to start it. Unfortunately, two hours later, I had not began the essay, but had, for some unknown reason, completed lots and lots of online personality tests. Not particularly deep and insightful ones either. You see, among other useful things, I am now able to tell you: which shade of purple I am most like (apparently lavender); how much like a cat or dog I am (60% cat; 40% dog. This is obviously a fact all self-respecting people should know about themselves); which South American country I should visit (Argentina – now this is good because I am actually going there soon) and that my Life Path Number is four (I have no idea what this means). As you can see, the last two hours of my life have been less than productive! Right, I’m going to start my essay now. Really. I am. Oh who am I kidding, just one more personality test. Hmmm, which star sign shouldn’t I date? Well, that’s obviously a question I’ve just got to know the answer to. It beats writing an essay, anyway. :D
Damoiselle Damoiselle
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2007


God, I'm the same way, and I used to be much worse. The thing that helped me the most was to forbid myself to use the computer before 3:00 in the afternoon, ever. I stopped doing it once I achieved certain goals, though I plan to start it up again at some point.

LOL I am supposed to be doing an essay too! The rough draft is due tomorrow and I havent even began! You seem a lot like me!