I Waste Way Too Much Time On the Internet... Or Do I?

I spend a LOT of time online. At work, I am a web developer. If I am not writing and testing my own stuff, I am researching what other companies are doing with their sites, or learning new ways to do things by looking at other websites. Or taking a break from work to email friends and family, or to check out sites like this. At home, my wife and I (we met online, by the way) have been known to instant message one another while we are both on the couch, and look up information on the TV show or movie we are watching on IMDB.com.

So I spend a large part of my day online.

But I don't think it is wasted time. The time spent at work is work- it is paying the bills. At home, if I wasn't online what would I be doing? Just watching TV? Talking with my wife, but trying to explain a website instead of showing it to her? We talk offline too, just so you know ;) And the time spent online is time spent reading and learning. Just like I would be if I was reading a book, and more then if I was only watching TV.

I do spend a lot of time online. Maybe too much when compared to other activities. But it pays my bills. It helped me meet my wife. So I would not say that it is time that is wasted.
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1 Response Feb 23, 2007

I agree its kind of a waste because you have things to do but then, other times,your chatting and socialising with peeps,and the amount of information your absorbing, your learning an incredible amount that your not likely to learn in your normal day.I think its a bout balance and having limits though.