Been Wasting Since Last 10 Years

I love spending time on the net and meeting up people on the net...since I am too shy to go outtt....i Guess it helps me fullfill my need for a social chat
HardikDilSe HardikDilSe
26-30, M
6 Responses May 21, 2012

hi there wanna be friendss

I have only just started and the internet often seems too large a part of my life, but I have met interesting people and learnt a lot.

Same here. I find it a lot easier to meet up with my mates on here, thjan make friends on the outside world.

Why you been shy ..........R you insecure??

no....i probably guess thats its way that i was brought parents are noth reserved personalities and are die hard work-a-holics....they never used to intiate conversation much in the family

Haha same here since I was 10 it's been non stop for 8 years and counting =/

I spend too much time here too