I Reached the End of the Internet Today and Was Told to Turn Around

I spend at least 8 hours a day on the computer for work. I have to research hotels, translate menus, find neat things for people to do when they get somewhere. I design brochures and websites and type up itineraries.
I love my job I really do. It does challenge me. But if something isn't due tomorrow, or if there is not rush to get it. I put my work off. I will surf the information highway for 8 straight hours. I finally had to set a goal of getting at least 3 work related things completed a day so I stopped feeling like such a slacker.
My problem is that once I start a task I can finish it rather quickly.  What i should do is finish my work, and then surf till new work comes along. What I end up doing is surfing till I can't find anything to entertain me or someone calls and asks for something.
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1 Response May 8, 2007

Couild be time for a Kit-Kat.