The Time I Spend O...

The time i spend on the Internet, used to be the time i spent watching t.v. so i have replaced one habit with another one, but i feel this HABIT is not a passive one like watching tv (which i still do but not as much). Most of my Internet time is spent right here on EP, and i find it so HELPFUL that i would NEVER consider it a waste of time. I have shared some of my most horrific stories and received so many NON judgemental comments and HELP, that i could never say it is non-productive. The only thing i do on-line is check my emails and check the obituaries daily to see if my father has died yet, as i know that none of my family will tell me, and he is dying. EP has allowed me to, in away, cleanse my mind, it's like a journal for me. My circle of friends gets bigger and bigger, and i cherish each and every one of them. When i am down (quite often)2 things occur, 1. misery loves company and when reading other people's stories you find out that you are not alone and no matter how bad you think your life is, SADLY there is someone out there that has it worse (YIKES). 2. Also when i am feeling down i can seek out inspirational stories and funny stories and it helps make my day a bit better. i have offered to work on EP as a volunteer, and happily they have taken me up on my offer, so not only do i get to enjoy the site but now i will also get to participate on it in a HELPFUL way. i have already started, with a very minor request, and it makes me feel GREAT!!
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well said I too love this site it gives me a chance to vent and people offer advice it's great especially since I have no real friends to talk too