Time Flys!

I get up in the morning and get on this damn computer and check my dear old Myspace. Even when things are slow on the site I used to find myself wondering around. One day I got to thinking that there must be so much more online that I am missing. I started trying to follow the news more and find random useful (and some useless) things. I came across a tool recently called Stumble. It's a toolbar that gives you random sites based on your interests and your ranking of previous sites. I spend countless hours clicking that damn button. I bookmark too much. I find great sites all the time that would be useful if I visited them again. But I bookmark them and forget to go back. I'm almost sure my computer is slowing down from all my bookmarks. I can't bare to trash them in hopes that one day they will really come in handy. I want to know all I can about everything, but I find that my mind just lets them all slide through ("in one ear out the other" so to speak). Before I know it, I am into the late hours of the night and I am left knowing very little more than what I did before and not nearly aas much as I'd like to.
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2007

I like MSN spaces. Oh, you’re in one ear and out the other, can be garbage in garbage out for me. There is So much on the internet. I like MSN spaces. Oh, your in one ear and out the other, is like garbage in garbage out for me.