Is My Laptop My Best Friend?

I think i have found a group that fits me to a tea.  I am, maybe addicted to my computer.  I can sit and be here to people I have found on Spaces, Face book and I may be start on My space.  The time I am on can be as Long as four hours or more. 

I have recently been deemed permanently disabled as i had a stroke and now unable to work in my profession as my mind is frazzled art times.  The mind is a terrible to waste, so I am hear 24/7.  

My wife thinks that all my bloging is to women.  She thinks that I am wasting my time, but doing something like bloging and posting love letters to others.  My cousin divorced her husband as he was writing a someone romantically.  I am bloging to people, like you readers, who need to vent, share and  tell others about good or bad times about myself, etc.  

I can blog till I'm red in my finger tips.  Is there anyone out there and can you share?  Us there a CA?

caffinefree caffinefree
51-55, M
Jul 23, 2007