...and It Makes Me Feel..

Kelly Clarkson once sang about a former lover, "It's like you're a drug.. it's like I'm stuck.. and I know, I let you have all the power"

The internet is one of my current guilty pleasures. Even with my computer's constant glitching due to this horrindous trojan virus, I always seem to walk into my room and complete the cycle of turning on my ****** up laptop and surfing the web; turning my prior "15 minute facebook & youtube update check" into a 4 hour excursion of time i could've spent doing home work or something more important in reality verses this virtuality i"m so fond of.

Honest to god, I feel some sort of impowerment loging on to any of my personal online accounts. However I've noticed a change in my out look on life lately.. I feel blah. Does that make sense? Actually, I don't even care if that makes sense or not because this site is one of my new PERSONAL accouns that i'm under the impression no one else in the world will read. On the other hand, Vannessa Hudgens probably believed that, being a celeb., no one would ever see, let alone hear, about the naked, sudductive mobile pictures  she sent to Zac.. and everyone knows how that whole ordeal turned out...all 3 times.. cough cough.

My point is, whomever you are that is reading this, nothing seems to matter anymore. Maybe it's just a case of senioritis, but i sure as hell know that i feel "blah" living my day to day life. in the same rutine. i thnk i just really need a boyfriend.. but i'm just gonna have to keep waiting for that too...won't i? 

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

X/.. i kind of understand what youre saying.. i had a boyfriend and that didnt change things at all.. i think i have to decide alot of things about my life right now.. college, job, school, friends, boyfriends, it all just leaves you blah.. i actually find that talking to people on here and my other friends helps me get my head clear and helps me not feel so blah.. is any of this making sense to you?