The Past Is The Past

What's done, is done. However I am stil haunted by my past, in the sense that I know how I wasted so many years. The challenge right now is to stop! Stop wasting time. Catching up is never going to happen. I just need to get myself straight, on track. I don't want to waste my future!!! The past was enough of a waste, no need to repeat those steps. I've come to terms with those wasted years - now is the time to move forward. I'm not doing a very good job at the moment of moving forward, but I'm intending to keep this at the front of my mind: that I don't want to waste the future like I did the past, I need to make myself move ahead. Change! Don't repeat the past. Don't throw away the future.

SonicReducer75 SonicReducer75
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5 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Thanks ladies, so much!<br />
I gotta be honest, I've been struggling with positivity this week. I'm doing my best to look ahead and keep the positivity up. Its just been tough this week.

SonicReducer- this is a FANTASTIC post that all of us can learn from. Everyone has a future and the capability of making things happen. Remember stay positive... it seems to me from reading this you are already learning not to waste any more time :)

remember to STAY POSITIVE!! :)

Thank you for your support! I'm for the most part done regretting the past. I'm looking more at the present and toward the future. I'm OK with my past, but now I need to be OK with my future and accept the future.

i hope things turn out the way you want! every moment you spend regreting the past is a waste of the present moment.