It's Amazing

What you see when you step back,

Take off the rose colored glasses

Take a deep breath

Watch the crap float to the top

The water clears

The real truth emerges

And everything falls into place.

Amazing the heartache you can avoid when your emotions are disengaged and not clouding your rationale.

Heartless? maybe. Smart? definitely.

Amazing how it all works out.
akindheart akindheart
61-65, F
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isn't it though

Yes indeed...

"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." ~ Robertson Davies

I guess I was sadly ready to heart is still blind..

Your heart is not blind just very kind. And I hate to see it hurt.....

i wish iwere tougher but i am not honey..just kind ...

You ARE tough, just not cold hearted honey. And always....ALWAYS kind. That's what I, and many others, love about you. And you're always in my heart my lady......

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But isn't it strange how easily some people can weave a web of deceit? And they are the heartless ones. You, my sweet lady, could never be accused of being heartless. You have a large and very kind heart. I really do dislike anyone that could cause you pain, but it's a fact of life that keeps happening no matter how careful we try to be. Focus on your true friends to help heal the hurt. We'll continue to support you.....and, yes, love you. Please believe that...(smile)!!!!!

Love you pieces...i mean that..

Right back at you honey! (big smile)

I have been accused of both and yes, sometimes being smart makes you look heartless

we have to do what we have to do right?


I don't like it when guys break your heart. You are beautiful. Love you honey.

it happens doesn't it..what doesn't kill us makes us stronger..

yes this is true. love you sweety.

or sometimes it just f**cks us up permanently!! LOL

yes it can...if we let it..

Totally agree but I refuse to let "it" even though I realize that it left a mark...I refuse to let "them" win...too damn stubborn I guess but it has kept me alive so I'll stay that way!! LOL

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