I have just discovered that bad*ss Jack Bauer.  I was bored and flying a lot, so I decided to start watching 24 on my personal DVD player in airports and on the plane, because my brother in law was bugging me to death to "watch 24, you don't know what you're missing!!"
Well...lemme just say: Whoa.  I'm impressed.  I'm very critical of television, (particularly other tv likes are a bit pedestrian...) and I was blown away by the character and by the show.  My favorite line of all time (I'm only on season 3, so bear with me) is when (in season 2, I believe) he's trying to get back in with the home-grown patriotic terrorists who built the bomb that blew up CTU,  and he has the single witness who's going to testify against the scum whose trust Jack needs to garner, and he has the witness brought into CTU, and then proceeds to shoot and kill him, then behead him in front of the Director.  (he tells someone to go get him a hacksaw!!)  When Chapelle understandably freaks out, Jack says: "That's the problem with people like you: you expect results, but you never want to get your hands dirty."  Then he proceeds to put the dead witness's head in a bowling bag and take it to the bomb-maker.  Now that's bad*ss.  And that kind of writing is why I love 24.
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Ooohhhh.... you've got all those seasons of 24 goodness ahead of you :D :D :D<br />
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That's fantastic :) <br />
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Also, there are no stunts in 24, Keifer really did cut that guy's head off with a hacksaw!!!<br />
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(or at least, that's what I read on the internet ;) )