Too Much

I don't really watch the tv all day but I do keep it on during the day to the news.  I will listen whlie I do my internet reading and my home duties....

I like to go back and forth between news channels to see how different the reporting is and to see who is reporting on what.  It is sad that much of what needs to be reported is never even touched upon.  Then I think about all the people who only rely on the tv news to inform them of what is going on.

At night I have a few programs that I like to watch.  Monday nights from 8 to 10 are for my 14 year old.  She has two shows on ABC family she likes to watch and I watch them with her.  One is the Life of an American Teenager and the Kyle XY.  After they are over we take the time to talk about what was in the shows for the night and then how they can relate to her and her friends at school.  It is sad that so much of what is in the one show she sees with some of her friends at school.  It is nice to be able to have this time with her to help her think about how she would deal with situations.  It is also good for her to be able to ask me questions as to how I would deal with things as well.



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Sounds like a great relationship. I hope it will always be..