A Sad Story

Like most of the shows that are on TLC now, American Chopper has gotten saturated with drama and family infighting. I used to love this show when it was on Discovery channel. Now i just watch it like a car accident i can't take my eyes off of. I think Senior is a complete a-hole jerk and he reminds me a little too much of how my own father used to treat me.

Bottom line, they create some amazing bikes though!
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2 Responses Sep 27, 2010

Sr. isn't an a-hole, believe me. Sr. is using anger to hide the hurt. Do you think he likes it? I think he is trying to teach his son a valuable lesson, alright? Do you think he came to a decision like that lightly? He reminds me of someone I held dear. He may blow off a lot of hot air, but he's really afraid of showing how much this hurts him.<br />
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Jr. is the one who is being a cocky a-hole. He kind of antagonizes a bit too much. He was asking for it.<br />
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true, I don't know the whole story (only they do), but I've watched the series for a long time and that's what I make of it, ba<x>sed off what I've seen.

The father just keeps it up & makes things worse.It was so bad when they flung the motorcycle into the air.They put a mannequin on the bike dressed as his son.That was harsh.