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I didn't watch American Horror Story until I discovered Asylum. When I realized that this was actually the second season I had to check out the first one. I like how they changed the story line while keeping most of the same actors/actresses.
In the first season I liked Moira, Tate, and Violet the most. I know that Tate ended up being a bad guy in the end but I understand his confusion, his wanting to make other people feel better, and his loneliness. His only real problems were his selfishness, his disregard for consequences, and his in ability to see people as anything other than tools for self gratification (of course these are hallmarks of both a sociopath and a psychopath). What I related to in Moira was her sadness, her sense of regret, and her loneliness. With Violet she reminded me of me when I was a teenager (I guess Tate did slightly too).
What I loved about Asylum is that it wasn't one of those everything works out good in the end fairytales. The first one was a happy ending in a morbid sort of way, yet another thing that I enjoyed about the show. I don't know why but I have always enjoyed the morbid and macabre. I think that this is what has drawn me to the show. I truly believe that both season were very well written and performed.
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I really like that they have some of the same actors come back. It's like in Asylum, Jessica Lange finally had the son she dreamed of that Tate never was. Even though the seasons don't go together, I feel like in a secret way, they do.

Yep, I like the way the same actors play different roles. This show is an anthology (different stories, different characters), like Tales from the Dark Side, perhaps, or other programs like that. They really do a good job on this series, though. :)

Cool deal, I like this show, too... and my favorite season was season one. That they are all trapped in that house all together, with the decades of death... the sorrow, regret, the longing... a good picture of hell. I like your comments about tate and the description of sociopath and psychopath.

Thank you. I really hope that they come out with a season 3. Thank you for reading my story.