Let Me Count the Ways

I was first enchanted by American Idol by its idiotic but insanely catchy theme song. Ba-na-nana-nananana baaaaanaaaaa (it sounds exactly like that, I know, thank you very much!).

But I got hooked with William Hung. I know, I know, purists will mock me for this, but c'mon-- for the first time I saw the true power of this national platform. You can take a hideous, untalented nobody, but if he/she has even ONE hook that catches the American pop-culture's attention for even FIVE minutes, they become a national icon.

To not like a show with this kind of king-maker power is to have futile tastes. lol ;)
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4 Responses Mar 27, 2007

hahahahahahahahaha! I cracked up because the song does sound like that. that's funny

I like Jordin Sparks!

I like American Idol too! I haven't followed it as closely this year as in the past years. I especially like Chris Daughtery from last years show. Who do you think is going to win this year any ideas?