The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Well all I can say is they got it wrong last year and they screwed up again this year. Jackie Evanco was the best part of the show both years. I don't even like opera but she has talent. Landau Eugene Murphy? He was off key I watched he replay. I'm not deaf. And the Poplyfe group didn't have a chance in my mind. They should never have been on stage to begin with. Team Illuminate? Creative but would I pay to see them in Vegas? NOT. Ok so that leaves the Silhoettes. Creative and a beautiful message but not exciting enough. None of the acts this year seems to grab my attention. I hope we haven't run out of talent if this is all they can do. I hate to be negative so I will be happy to end on a high note. The cat fights between the Judges were the best part this year. I may have to write a letter to the producers letting them know that they are going to force me to leave my EP site devoted to them if they keep this up., haha
AngelsAssistant AngelsAssistant
31-35, F
Sep 18, 2011