Ancient Aliens Is The "rosetta Stone" To History!

I was intrigued from the first episode.
I was a true believer by the end of the first season.

If you substitute "Aliens" for "god", "gods", "messengers of god", "angels",
the bible and hundreds of other ancient texts make a whole lot more sense.

Then there are the physical facts.

Peru for example.
Been there, check them out.

Rocks weighing hundreds of tons, seamlessly carved and fitted together, almost like they were liquified and poured into these shapes.

Lets not mention the fact that the rock themselves come from hundreds of miles away and had to be taken straight UP hundreds of feet.

I am in construction. I have built huge projects, but these temples in Peru, would challenge today's technology.

The carvings in some of the rocks cold not be done with a laser.

The proof is ALL across the planet. We are just too stuck in our ways to see what is plainly before us.
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I've thought about how these words are all variations in name, however the thing they describe is just one: whether people say, "aliens," "extraterrestrials," "angels," "deities," "sun gods," or that they came in ships, chariots, flying saucers, or balls of light, the story is the same--there are sentient beings who come from "outer space" (a.k.a. "heaven") to our planet every now and then who "have super powers" (a.k.a. "are technologically advanced"/ "use magic"/ "have holy spirit") to help guide humans who know how put aside their fear in order to trust them, and who are usually depicted as capable of shape-shifting, manipulating space-time, emitting light and their mode of travel directly connected to light. And if we look through the variations in vocabulary, getting past semantics, we can see that these reports have been in every part of the world, heavily em<x>bedded in each culture's mythology, including our own, and the reports have never stopped but only might be getting stronger.