I Abhor Dubs

Because anime exported to America often becomes relegated to "kids' TV" - despite the fanservice, the violence, the swearing, and the mature themes inherent in most anime - anime in America becomes censored, filled with horrible voice-acting, and on top of that fans of the English dub have to contend with outrageous prices just to get their hands on the DVDs of the anime (last I saw, $20-30 was usual for a box containing a mere 4-5 episodes). Why should anime-lovers have to deal with such abuse to their favorite shows when they could go online and download Japanese subs? First of all, the anime is showed in its original language, thus allowing the fan to experience the full anime experience; secondly, the anime is not censored and "kiddified"; thirdly, subs are done by dedicated fans of the show, meaning that the subs will strive to be as true to the original scripts as much as possible which will undoubtedly allow the non-Japanese viewer to watch the show much as a Japanese viewer is able to; and fourthly, subs can be found anywhere on the Internet for free downloading - which means that fans won't have to shell out hundreds of dollars for an inferior product when they can simply go online and find the subs to their favorite dubs. If any part of this sounds poorly-written, forgive me; I've just woken up when I saw this group.
Shinaka Shinaka
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2007

Offhand,mam i would tend to agree that quite a bit of the Anime is censored out at least to a degree anyway but that doesn't mean i still don't like to watch it anyway

I have found very few good dubs out there but there is one that jumps right to mind only because of the voice acting... Cowboy Bebop.