My Life!

That's a pity I had no idea that something that good exists until my friend borrowed me some manga (yup, it started with manga for me; of course I saw Pokemon and Sailor Moon as a kid but I didn't know what is it). So I started watching just 2-3 years ago. But now watching is like my life. Really. Call it pathetic or whatever, I don't care. If there was no anime, I'd do nothing but reading all day, walking at the end of the day, and working in the mornings but it doesn't really matter.

Generally, I don't watch too many series at once. Never more than 5 at once. I also don't watch long anime - like One Piece, Bleach or Naruto. I don't aim for popular ones but sometimes end up watching them because I got too curious - I don't regret it, don't feel like I wasted my time watching it, it's not like "popular" must mean "not worth watching" like some people say. Anyway, I'm not sure if I know which ones are popular (except those I mentioned which I know for sure they're popular).

At first, I was more into manga. I saw like 1-2 episodes of anime, then checked it there's manga - and then dropped watching because I enjoyed reading more, not to mention, if it was original one. But now I don't care. I both watch and read the same title only when I really really liked it and wanted to "stay with them longer". It's hard to say bye when you loved certain characters!

P.S. Feel free to recommend me anime - especially when there are puppets/dolls, aliens, people who pretend they don't like each other (well it's always funny!), split personality, suicide, shounen/shoujo-ai, mindrape, sci-fi or something "old".
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Jul 17, 2010