Most Of It

There only thing I can't really stand is Dragon Ball Z. The fights are too unreallistic. Yes, I know they're super-powered aliens, but throwing each other through mountains and receiving only scratches is just too far out. Also, some of the battles last a dozen episodes or more, and I simply don't have that kind of patience.

That said, some of my favorites are Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Cowboy Beebop, Project A-ko, Robotech, Excel Saga, Elfen Lied, Azumanga Daioh, Those Who Hunt Elves, Golden Boy, and Devil Hunter Yohko
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Did you ever Watch Armored Trooper Votoms & the Side Story Armor Hunter Mellowlink (oddly enough ever notice That Sunrise (Studio that made Bebop,Gundam,Ronin Warriors,Ideon, Crusher Joe) has a thing for using Jazz in most of their works) plus i havnt seen Devil Hunter Yohko since seventh grade