It Became Addictive

My friend Macey introduced me to the exciting world of anime. She kept talking about the show Inu Yasha on the way to school and back. So I searched it and started watching. I'm still not finished with it (on the Final Act) and I just finished Elfen Lied. I'm still trying to find the episodes with English subs since some don't have them. Overall, I declare anime to be AMAZING! :D
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I was a fan of The 8th Man, an old anime cartoon TV series from the 60's.<br />
After school I would make sure to catch every episode. <br />
Tubor, The 8th Man, was one of my favorite characters to draw back then.<br />
All my children share my love for anime.

That's really cool. :D

OMG AWWW YOU TALKED ABOUT ME! ( yes, IM macey)! Yes, i found out about anime on adult swim on a saturday night. at first i thought it was stupid and didnt watch it. but then i couldnt stop. it got SO addicting, especially with inuyasha, and when i told people about it they had no idea what i was talking about. so i told my friend, robin. she said, ok, i'll check it out, and now we are both obsessed. we even have our own anime names! mines Kenpachi, robin is Keiko. Overall, ANIME RULES!!!!!!!! XD

Yes...yes... ;)

^ I am Robin as she says.

lol, omg. a minute ago I was starting to think that it might be pathetic that I record Inuyasha on my dad's tv so that I can watch it when I get the chance. It's also the first show I watched that got me addicted. an older girl I met in middle school told me about it and I got curious. Now I'm hooked. I'm glad I ran across this post.

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