I Watched One, But It Was Way ...

I watched one, but it was WAY twisted.  Full of sex and violence.  Not that I have a faint heart but, sex and violence should NEVER be put together. Especially in a cartoon where most of the characters in it are still in high school.
Sorry, but the whole experience put me off anime for a bit.  Though I've been assured that not all anime is like that.  So I'm thinking about it.  I'm open to suggestions.
DarkPhoenix DarkPhoenix
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1 Response May 29, 2007

Sounds like you found something a bit too out there.....<br />
<br />
Mind you, sexual referencing is ALWAYS in Anime, but actual sex hardly happens unless it is ****/erotica stuff. As for teenage/high school.... yer, pritty well every one has it. It is sort of part of how they work. <br />
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As for suggestions, I have no idea. I WOULD suggest Death Note, but it is dark as all hell.