I want to watch an anime that will be really sad and have me end up crying
Dragneel216 Dragneel216
18-21, M
4 Responses Aug 24, 2014

Romeo X Juliet, Mobile suit Gundam

You should try out clannad and angel beats

I have seen angel beats. Clannad is on my to-watch list already

Grave of the fireflies, Code Geass

I've already seen code geass, but I haven't seen grave of the fireflies yet

Have you tried Anohana?

No I haven't yet. What's it about?

Hmm...I can't really explain it well. But it's like friends coming back together after what separated them many years ago. Basically what entails is the process of how they get back together again. It is better than it seems....

That does sound good

Yep, go ahead and watch it :)

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