had shared my wife with a few men and I knew she liked them big. I also knew she had been talking to a guy on the internet that had a monster ****.

I just come out and asked her if she wanted to give the guy a try.

"He's to big for me"

"That wasn't my question. Would you like to see if you can take him?"

"I would like to try."

"Ok get him to meet you at the river. I will be there but he will not know it."

We take out pontoon boat to the river and set up camp on a sandbar. We spread blankets on the sand out of sight of the river. There wood a brush around a clearing. The stage is set.
She is to pick the guy up at 7Pm. At 7 she leave to pick up the guy. I pick a spot where I can see her sex nest and wait. She is gone much longer than I feel she should be. I'm starting to worry.
I'm relieved when I see our pontoon boat come into sight. I was shocked when they pulled into the sandbar. They had already started. They was both naked. She was driving, he was behind her. His monster **** was standing straight out and he was trying to work it between her legs.

She moved out from behind the console and bent over the front seat. He got behind her and she reached between her legs and placed his **** at her opening. The guy is huge. He said he was 11x2 1/2 and I believed he was right. I watch as he little by little works it into my wife's *****. He holds it deep inside her giving her time to adjust. I can't believe what I'm seeing. my wife is very small 5'2' 110#, the guys **** is every bit of 10 inches long and she has taken it all. He starts to stroke it into her. After a bit she tell him she wants on her back.

They move to the love nest she has made where I can get a good view. She gets on her back he's standing over her. His **** looks huge. He gets on his knees between her legs and I watch as his monster plunges deep into my wife's *****. He would move it deep into her and hold it then take it all the way out and rub her **** with his thick head. Then slam it balls deep into her depths. After a while they set up a rhythm. The two of them moving together. Her tiny body meeting ever move. Her moans could be heard for a distance. She cries out in pleasure as she has her first climax. She falls out of step of his movements as her body trembles under him. He starts to pound into her fast and furious. Then he pushes all he has into her and his body goes stiff, then he shutters as he pumps her full of his thick seed.
They move to the water and swim. I move deeper into the woods and go up river to the sandbar about 100 yards from them. I'm there when another boat pulls in. I get up and start walking down to where my wife and he is.

When I get to where they are. They are neck deep in the water. I'm having fun.

" I caught a ride. I got off work early I tell Di. Who's your friend?"

"He's just keeping me company"

I get a beer out of the boat and sit down drinking it.

"What do you think of my wife I ask?"

When he turns to answer I'm holding up their swim suits.

"Are these yours?"

He didn't know what to say.

Di walks out of the water and gets he suit and puts it on.

"You caught me"

I throw his suit to him.

"You going to need these"

He puts his one without saying a word.

"You do know she's my wife? Have you been ******* her?"

"We hadn't ******!!!"

"In that case get up here and **** her then"

He relaxes.

"OK we ******"

"That's not going to get you out off ******* her for me. But lets relax some and get to know each other"

I throw him a beer.

"You have fun I ask Di?"

"Did I ever have fun, he's hung"

"Good for you."

We set up the tent. We stayed up most of the night taking turns with Di. Di never did put her cloths back on. He ****** her a couple times that night for me and I ****** her a couple times that night. I know she had to be sore. But she hung in there.

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Aug 19, 2014