A bustling Friday morning. The workers all head to the sugar mill to get it all cleaned up for the coming season. Traffic in our town of under 6000 has come to a stand still at the rail road tracks.
The train conductor is 'tuning' the train whistle and doing maintenance on the 3 engines that will pull raw cane from the fields then transport raw sugar to packing plants all over South Florida.
The seasonal house wives are filling the offices of the mill offices and I see each of the 15 story building lights come on for the first time since May.
Air planes and helicopters are loading up with pesticide to spray the fields one more time before the cane burn that will spread ash all over our sleepy town for the next 6 months.
Migrant workers will start to fill our 'company trailer parks' with their families as they get ready for picking season and burning season.
Our one coffee shop is full again today.. The same 'Vodka Moms' ran to the liquor store drive through after dropping the kids off at school.
Another day in a sleepy agriculture town starts.. but today it starts faster than usual.. Today the mill opens back up for the season.
HeFeedee HeFeedee
46-50, M
Aug 22, 2014