This Show Rocks!

I am now totally hooked on Avatar: the Last Airbender This is everything I could ask of television. It has continuity and complexity in spades with all of the lighthearted humor of a sound RPG group - essentially Exalted on screen.

When you've got a roving band of adventurers, it's a little difficult to maintain continuity. In the first season, the group is making their way from the south pole to the north pole - they don't exactly stay in one place very long. There is complexity within the group. The characters start from fairly stock roles and relationships and evolve into more complex ones. And though the epsiodes all appear to be encapsulated, the characters refer to and show experience from previous events. Then in the second season, all sorts of minor characters you thought you'd never see again start reappearing, often in different roles. You remember that one girl, we met over in that one place in episode 3? Yeah, well now she's over here, doing something else, but he feels differently about her now because of stuff that happened in episodes 18-20. People's hairstyles evolve. It really gives the feeling that this show takes place in a persistent world.

What's most atypical about this show is the humor and world development. They're not just generic jokes cut and pasted into a different setting, they're the kinds of things you would expect inhabitants of this fictional world to find funny. Only a world developed and understood down to the ecology and economy can support that kind of intricacy. Bending isn't just a sweet mystical martial arts form, its possibilities are fully explored as a practical and comedic tool.

It's like Exalted which is a fine RPG with great entertainment value and a lot of comedic possibility wired into the system and I only really object to on ideological grounds. In the past I've mentioned a couple of films that I've said were 'like Exalted.' But those were films that fit the Exalted as portrayed by the writers that took themselves way too seriously: over-the-top supernatural epic Hong Kong kung fu monstrosities with big golden anime-inspired weapons. Avatar is the kind of Exalted I played with my friends at BYU: light-hearted and occasionally corny, but wholesome and thoughtful. Add rifles and tone down the magic, and it's pretty much the RPG I'm trying to build. This show meets my requirements; I give it a 4+.

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3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

I used to love this show for all of the aformentioned reasons...but then it started to not come on for some reason. I miss it

That's how I feel. . .aside from the thing about Exalted -- I have no idea what that is. <br />
<br />
I love the combat scenes, I love the plot depth..and I love the character development. It's one of my favorite series and I'm a pretty hardcore fan.

omg yes lol exactly!<br />
I love the show, its so funny :D