It's Getting Out of Hand

I am obsessed! I watch up to four hours a day: all the CBS shows and then the 3 hours of live feeds on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. I would love to subscribe to the online feeds but it costs too much. I always have the Joker's Updates window open on my computer so that I may refresh it and get updates at any time. ( I don't have a favorite person on the show, it seems like everybody sucks in some way, but it's just so fascinating how the game has so many twists and turns. I'm definitely addicted.
SWATgirl SWATgirl
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6 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I'm glad they made it to the final two. I love how far their relationship has come. How touching. *sniff* I hate Dani's whining but she was a great competitor and I hate ****'s tirades, but I like his "**** you!" attitude!

I know, I love Jessica, she is my favorite! And this week is a double eviction!

I have heard them talking about their diary room sessions and how the diary room tells them who they should vote for. Like last week Amber said "I was gonna vote for Kail to leave until the dairy room..." and Daniele said to her dad "They want Dustin to leave and not you." And you see how Dustin left this week. It stupid. I liked Dustin, but it did make the show interesting, with him leaving and now the alliances are all mixed up. I don't want Jen to go this week. I kinda like her. And she's sexy, too. But she's an idiot! Not as stupid as Amber, though.

I have never watched BB till this year; looks like I missed some fun. **** does make for good TV, that's why the BB is gonna make sure Dustin goes this week probably.

I do the same exact thing!! I was on the computer last night and Big Brother After Dark was over and I was looking at the computer like, 'What Now?' Then tonight my husband told the DVR not to record the BB After Dark and I almost did a running tackle to knock the remote from his hand. I had to take a breather and just verbally threaten him instead, he obviously doesn't understand my need for all things BB8!!

The people in the house are supposed to act like this though. I'm sure, somewhere in CBS there is a party of people happy that they finally got the combination of people right. They finally have serious drama! But if Evil wasn't in there, I don't think any of that drama would happen...