Right now I am watching the episode where he is in Maine eating salad from the forest with some dude that has a mullet.... way to represent Maine! woohoo! Now he is going lobstah fishin' ...........I have a lobster on my liscense plate. MmMMmmm good....
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I watched that show a few times and yuck! I had to turn the channel, but good for you for having such a stronge stomach

What is all the fuss. We eat fish eggs, roe, such as salmon roe or for all the sushi lovers, the orange spots in a California roll (those little orange spots) are flying fish roe. Taste and texture is taste and texture. Fish ***** is fine if you like the salty taste (from the sea).

Next thing ya know there is going to be a group called "fish versus man........who has the better tasting *****" ........sooo McNasty.

Yeah - double ewww ... It's one thing if a man asks you if he swallows ... it's another thing if it's fish *****! (so sorry - know this is gross - couldn't help it!) LOL


Fish ***** is okay, it is just salty!

I have not seen this episode, I will have to keep an eye out for it to enjoy the culinary delights I have experienced from Maine. Di d he catch the lobster burger at the McDonald's in Kittery?

He lost it a while