Just Ugly

  Those broads on that show ... are mainly showing for the camera and making pure sheer and complete fools outta theirselves. Seems like the ones who boss their hubbies around are ugly as fu(k. I remember this ***** MEGAN..omg..she yelled at the wimp CORY like he was her retarded dog. I mean...are u that much of a push over you let a woman-who you DON'T have to marry boss you around and make a complete fool out of you not only infront of your FRIENDS but on NATIONAL TELEVISION? i think the fu(k not!

And I remember the one fat black chick-a pure monkey outta the jungle. She CLAIMED the man who she was gonna marry (and he was actually cute) stalked her and BEGGED for her number. ***** please! Ya own mama think u ugly. Then the ***** got too big for her first damn dress and her old *** parents bought her ANOTHER ONE...lol might as well.know that'll be the last wedding she'll ever have.

They're a bunch 'a sick broads.

lostprophet lostprophet
22-25, F
Mar 1, 2009