Ok So I Admit It I Am a Buffy Nerd.

At the start of the year I brought the entire Buffy dvd set. I just can't get over how much this show rocked.
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5 Responses Jul 5, 2007

I used to watch Buffy.. was a big Spike and Dru shipper and even used to Cosplay as Spike.

Yeah spike is my favourite too.

i watched a few dvds of buffy a few months ago, and my fave character was spike. but man, did buffy **** me off herself! her smart retorts seemed too contrived mostly. :P so that made watching the other dvds somewhat of a small torturous experience

It is worth doing. I watch like 4 episodes in a go. I think the saddest thing is I can understand your du's

Something I always said I would do, get every season and have a big buffy party. I too loved that show. I still sing the opening credits, which is funny because there were no words, duuuuur dur dur dur dur, durr durr, du du du du du dudu du and so on