Some of the cartoons produced in the early 1960's are classic.. The Flintstones being the leader of the bunch was inspired by the Honeymooners - Jackie Gleason was siad to sue Hanna Barbara over infringement rights bit was talked out of it as it was not a good PR move to sue over a children's cartoon, even if it was shown in prime time when it first appeared ... Very innocent 'agenda' ...

Remember TopCat ... this was inspired by the Phil Slivers Show and one of the characters was named Doberman, who was probably the ugliest TV character in media history. Well, he was one of the voices on TC.

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Do you remember an early toon called Pow Wow The Indian Boy ? How about the follow the bouncing ball toon's that had a song to sing along with ? Gesh, I'm getting old : ) My Best

No, but I do remember Dan Blocker and was very sad when he died.

They were cool, huh?

Anything with a CHAT inspired theme is top in my book!!!<br />
I did not grow up watching Top Cat but this is indeed a wonderful cartoon!<br />
Tom and Jerry was my favorite!!!<br />
I use to rush home after school and watch reruns with my sister sigh....<br />
those were the days!<br />

@ Seriously .. Yes, I am a 'throw-back' ...<br />
<br />
@kimsmiles ... I am not expert mind you, I think our friend BrainyBlonde has much more insight on this topic than I will ever have, but I remember hearing it on the radio and reading it .... Also saw a TV special on Jackie Gleason when he died and mentioning this topic.

@BrainyBlond ... wow ... that was an interesting comment ... I am a huge Jackie Gleason fan (BTW - Is that redundant?) as well as a big Flintstones fan ... I had always thought there was a tie-in when I was younger. Read about it somewhere years ago and it always stayed with me . Thank you so much.

Wow. You do go way back. I was thinking of The Jetsons. But Scooby Do is a classic.