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I have to admit, I really liked a lot of the 60s classic cartoons, and agree that when it comes to maybe one classic cartoon that changed they way cartoons were made in the future, I think the Flintstones was probably one of the most influential cartoons made. Simpsons, family guy all pay homage to the classic. Take no offence, Bugs Bunny and the rest are GREAT cartoons, no question - just I think the Flintstones took what was done before, and made history - I am not technical cartoon junkie - so maybe someone more knowledgable could explain why that series has influenced modern cartoons the way it did.

But when it comes to one of my favourite cartoons, I have to admit I have a real soft spot for Ren and Stimpy - especially the first series when John Kricfalusi was at the helm. Yes, I know they were juvenile, I know at best they were on the edge and often VERY WEIRD, but for some reason it holds a deep place in my heart. And make me laugh- sometimes I would laugh so hard I cried ... I even went around for a few years saying "you eeediot" to everybody in my best Ren voice.

R&S harkens back to the animation style of the 60s, incorporating an amazing cheesy soundtrack, great sound effects, really gross or perverse thoughts (the modern twist) and something that makes you smile when you know it shouldn't.

Maybe I could call Ren & Stimpy my guilty pleasure. Maybe it is John Kricfalusi's Canadian sensibility and humour that resonates with me, I can't say. I know I am very happy my brother introduced me to the cartoon as it became one of my all-time favourite cartoons (besides the Flintstones of course).

No sir, I like it!
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I used to love Rocky & Bullwinkle! Actually wasn't the studio that put out Rocky and Bullwinkle the same studio that did Roger Ramjet and George of the Jungle (now watch me show my cartoon ignorance if I am totally wrong on that one).<br />
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The Flintstones was such a classic cartoon - I mean - I guess when you talk about all time greats - you have to exclude that one because it is a cut above the rest.

the flintstones was essentially a cartoonised version of the honeymooners one of the absolute classic tv shows. As a kid in the sixties i saw and appreciated them both. Animation at its best will never fail to interest and even at its worst can have something to offer if only as a social commentary. If I could only watch one it would probably be the adventures of rocky and bullwinkle.

haha .. but the far side ware somewhat disturbing at times - whereas Ren and Stimpy was mostly stupid, gross and perverse. The far side would have been Ren and Stimpy for intellectuals!