and first this is totally random...but I ******* hate to write titles...most of my titles are all just one word just to put some something in the box...

anyway...I dont just watch any ole cartoon....I like the classics...from my childhood. The smurfs, The Gummi Bears, Pinky and the Brain, The freakin Snorks, The Wuzzles, The old He Man and She Ra...cause lets face it...Skeletor ****** rocks.....

Nothing like old cartoons and fruity pebbles to cure a hang over.

for realz.
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6 Responses Dec 12, 2012

he man and the masters of the universe was a good show i do miss the classics

Skelletor was badass, but why did they have to give him such a crummy voice like an old lady?

I wonder how often He Han showed She Ra his sword?

much prefer the new ones myself....Famguy, American dad and King of the Hill etc

I loved He Man...


lol. Of course I was in high school when I watched it! :)

No question about it!


(I love the Flintsones.)

Not a Disney girl I see. Good stuff. Disney is l too singy for my taste.

Exactly. :)