Watch Them! Hell, I Draw Them!

I'm a cartoon addict. This is characterized by the fact that every morning(around six o'clock) You'll see me on the sofa in my 'jammers(my own word for pajamas) eating a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys while watching "The Smurfs" on Boomerang. I love every cartoon known to man(that's,"cartoon," not,"retarded American anime wannabe show like Ben 10 or Teen Titans or Martin Mystery(shall I say more?).") except those kid shows like Backyardigans or that 'Wubbzy' piece of crap. I even make my own cartoon Now I'm working on a very random comic ***** collection called '[Insert Foreboding Music Here].' I should have the book ready and published by this fall if I work fast enough. But my mother suggests that I change the title to something less demanding. So I'm asking the public. Any suggestions?

Frito Frito
18-21, M
4 Responses Jun 20, 2007

I also draw cartoons but i'm not that good yet. But some day i wantt that to be my job. Drawing cartoons and doing voice overs.

I really like that title.

hey wat do u have against teentitans , they ar awsome , and way better than smurfs, im getting every episode for crimbo even the movie

xD I so agree with you on the american anime wannabe stuff, lol. I like my cartoons as well, although I haven't been watching a lot of television lately. ^^ I draw my own stuff too, but nothing like comics just yet. =3<br />
As for your comic title, it's a bit hard to think of something like that without knowing the content. ^^"