Its Not Just a Show About Witches...

I absolutely am hooked on watching this series on tv.  Its about three sisters who are really powerful but good witches.  They are referred to as the charmed ones and they stem from a line of very powerful witches.  I followed it from the beginning when they discovered their powers to the final season.  I guess I like it so much not because it involves witches, (although I am intrigued by anything connected to greek or latin mythology), but moreso I love the way its realistic about issues in the lives of powerful women.  Each witch wishes to have a normal life but they're always fighting evil.  Its like any normal woman actually, who has alot of power and they always long to be 'down to earth kinda' but sometimes they can't.  Its always a case of either you're normal with no power or you're powerful but you jus never have time to do simple things, like fall in love for example.  Anyway does anyone else watch Charmed?  It airs on TNT everyday at 6pm
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1 Response Mar 7, 2007

I love Charmed! I also started watching it from the beginning. I like what I call the pre-McGowan time when Prue was still alive. I think it went down hill once Alyssa Milano took over after Shannon Doherty left, but those first 3 seasons were awesome!