Fascinating Show

I'd heard of this show from a fellow Ninja fan ranting about the episode involving the Ninja, decided to give it a show and found a bunch of full episodes on Spike


Watched them and fell completely in love.  While I don't always agree with the choices the computer comes up with, watching the research and the doctor describing in great detail all the injury is just fascinating.  The final battle scenes showing the outcome (while I know they have nothing to do with the computer simulation they're just displaying the weapons used that episode) are always excelently done and have me cheering for "my guy" when he wins or nodding respectfully if he doesn't.

The only weak spot of the show is in context, as a show of warriors alone it's generally right, a ninja facing a Spartan head on full fight is going to be eaten alive.  They'd never do something so idiotic (if they absolutely had to they'd use some of those poisoned darts on the spartans hand or shin or something and then just run away until he collapsed).  A ninja would become the camp cook, or the Spartans lover...possibly spending years getting close to the Spartan, learning his strengths and weaknesses, planning out when he'll strike and making sure he does it at the Spartan's weakest moment.  For a ninja, slitting his throat while he's asleep with no armor or poisoning his food would all be as "honorable" as any fight because they're still living, they won.  Of course the show couldn't account for that so it just did a head on fight, and it came to the conclusion that would probably be true as well.  Besides that small gripe affecting some of the bouts I've seen, this show has quickly become a sheer entertainment favorite of mine.

Anyway, if you haven't seen this show and like martial arts or combat/historical shows with lots of kickass bloody experiments and viscera then I highly recommend it, and hell, you may even learn something while you're at it :)
Charos Charos
31-35, M
Jul 11, 2010