I Love This Show!

Doctor Who is brilliant! I've seen every episode of the revived series and can't wait for season 6. I've also seen some of the old series and hope to see more. I like all the Doctor's but David Tenant is my favorite thus far. There was just something really cool about how he played it.

Anyway, I simply love this show!
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

David Tennant has also starred in the Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon series too! ;)<br />
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I'm a bit mixed on Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as a pair. Not sure they have the kind of chemistry needed for a show such as this. <br />
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The stories in Series 5 were good, so here's hoping for some improved acting and the same ambitious dreaming seen in previous years this Christmas and next year...:)

I love this show too :) ..It's awesome and I cannot wait for the bext season. I liked David Tennant and Christopher Eccgleston as well. I have not become attached to Matt Smith yet..we'll see :)