A Temporal Addiction

I had long heard abotu the Doctor, but alwasy thought it was going to be like star trek, somethign most people loved, but I just couldn't get into. Finally, after several people telling me to watch, not fully understand a lot of references, and finding the band Chameleon Circuit and wanting to understand their songs, I loaded up Netflix and found the modern Doctor Who.

I fell in love from the first episode, and frantically watched all the backed up episodes, finally catching up to the current one, sometime in the middle of the last season, and I have been watching every episode since. I just love every aspect. The fiction grabs you and is so compeltly be;lievable, the characters are wonderful, the science is comeplyetly right or completly believable, and the myriad of different species and mosters are both realistic and, when necessary, horrifingly frightening, from the weeping angels to the ood and the Silence, it is all wonderful and amazing, and I wouldn't give the Doctor up for anything. Because, honestly, we all like to think taht, somewhere out there, a man in a police box is protecting us from constant attack, and we don't even know it.
Dakrith Dakrith
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 30, 2012

I love Doctor Who. the very first episode I flicked to on TV was on the part when the doctor (David Tennant) licked a door. I could only think, "...what the hell?!" at the end of the episode, my thoughts had changed to "that was AWESOME". hooked ever since.