Ten Is "my Doctor"

I think I fell in love with him in the scene in S2 episode one where he cured all those people who were being tested on by the cat nurses. He had such a spark about him- that was probably a bit of David coming through but he got me by the heart ever since. Just like someone you love, you dont exactly agree with all of his actions, i.e the way he treated Martha, his hypocrisy about guns and violence and the whole "Time Lord Victorious" b.s. to name a few; in fact, right up until his regeneration I actually began to hate him because he whined about being alone so much. Yeah, its sad how emotionally invested I got but despite it all, he was my Doctor for better or for worse. :)
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Martha gathered her place in the picture and loved him anyway. She became Mrs M. Smith in the end. The two lovers that were moved away loved each other. Ten is most like me.

Oh yeah...Ten was awesome... *smiles wistfully*