I have watched it from the 11th Doctor. I couldn't afford watching it from the 10th because that would have taken too much time.
Now, the eighth series has started with Peter Capaldi. i don't like him very much. And it feels like if I'd waited for this series to start watching, I would have missed so much since it's like a continuation from the 11th Doctor. It was not like that before.
Also, I just watched the second episode of the 8th series. I watches the the 11th Doctor on DVD and I could always look up if someone would reappear again afterwards. This time I'm in the black. There's not much information. I really want River Song to come back with Alex Kingston portraying her. Now, I also want Journey Blue to come back.

I also don't want it to be the last doctor.
alashfaaq alashfaaq
22-25, M
Sep 1, 2014