A New Fan....

Recently I started watching Doctor Who, a very dear loved one suggested I give it a whirl, because they thought I would like it. While I had never really thought of it in one way or the other I thought to myself sure why not?

So I started watching Season 1 with much excitement and enthusiam! I have to admit I am totally hooked.

I started Season 2 the other day and I swear if I had enough free time I would watch them all day. I am religious about watching the Doctor Who Confidential after each episode and I simply cannot get enough.

The transition from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant was difficult for me ...there was something so endearing about Christopher and he really captivated me through Season 1. But there was another player I can't wait to see back in action..Capt'n Jack!! He rocks...

I am really looking forward to many more episodes. I have alot of watching to do in order to get caught up in anticipation of the new Season.

I wish I could spend 1 night in the Tardis...how cool would that be....just sayin'


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4 Responses Jul 27, 2009

I just finished Season 2 and I loved it...I have gotten used to David Tennant as well. In fact he has really grown on me :).....ummm could it be a thing for the Doctors? LOL

:) :) :)

tdk- the regeneration process is SO cool but I really liked Christopher, maybe because he was my first Doctor :)....<br />
<br />
Jadecrow & Angel- definitely fun and definitely enthusiastic :) <br />
It's a really great show....

yep Dr. Who is a bit camp , but always fun to watch