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Human All Too Human - A Philosophy Docuementary

Human All Too Human is a three-part documentary series, first shown in 1999. It examines three prominent philosophers; Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The common thread throughout is existentialism - an idea, opposite to predeterminism or religious fate - that we have complete responsibility for the direction of our lives; we make our own luck.

The form the documentary takes is three one hour examinations of each philosopher with various academic philosophy figures interviewed on their own thoughts about the subject. There are readings from the philosopher, through a voice over, and pre-filmed sections that explore what it must have been like to live in their world. Narration follows the life of the subject, with formative emotional pressures, such as Nietzsche's fathers death, being discussed.

Episode 1 looks at the dark life and writings of Nietzsche, who is probably the most famous of the existential philosophers. Heidegger is covered in episode 2, who is a very difficult writer to understand, but is regarded as the grandfather of the movement. Episode 3 looks at the pop philosopher of Sartre, and how he really lived his personal life according to his existential writing.

The coverage of each philosopher manages to be both engaging and interesting, at least for me. The quality is evident in the telling of each philosophers life, and the documentary paints a picture of three strikingly different lives, and three very different pictures of existentialism.

The series is now available for free on high quality Google Video, and I encourage anyone who has ever heard the names of these philosophers, and become at all curious, to watch and learn about these very important figures in our intellectual history.

Episode 1: (Nietzsche) -
Episode 2: (Heidegger) -
Episode 3: (Sartre) -

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