Drug Documentaries

i love to watch documentaries. almost any subject will do. but my favorite type of documentaries are drugs. i like both the documentaries that are completely factual as well as the documentaries that follow the lives of people affected by the drugs. some of my favorites: Black Tar Heroin. Cocaine Cowboys 1 and 2. Ecstasy Rising. The World's Most Dangerous Drug: Meth. Generation Rx. anyone else have any favorites?
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Good sense...L.A.Gamble~

I think that the legalization of drugs would be more beneficial than not. Or even just not campaigning hard against them. I believe its all the attention that the drugs receive that makes people want to find out if they're really bad as everyone makes them seem. However the legalization would reduce the amount of violence and save millions on the "war on drugs," as well as, what you mentioned to reduce prison populations. It's ridiculous how much time one can serve for drugs while pedophiles, rapists, and murders run free or get short terms simply cz there is not enough room for them in prison. I saw something in a medical marijuana magazine this past winter that the DEA wanted to prosecute 3 Canadians with life sentence for selling marijuana seeds, yes seeds not even the actual plant. The government would be able to tax them making billions. Furthermore, i don't believe that making a drug legal would mean people rushing out to try it. If a person wants it they will find it whether its legal or not. Not to mention the fact that almost every legal drug have serious side effects. All you have to do is turn on the tv and you'll see an ad for some medication that is supposed to help you but most times the side effects aren't even worth whatever little relief it provides you. Generation Rx touches on the world of pharmaceuticals and how the FDA and the panels are aware of how dangerous the drugs are yet approve them anyway simply because they are filled with people who work for the same companies making the drug. I forget which drug it was, i know it was an anti-depressant, more than 200 people testified to it either making them or someone they loved enraged and homicidal and the drug was approved anyway. All in all i think the decision of whether people choose to do drugs or not should be on them because they're going to do it anyway so why waste valuable resources and money on busting them when they're just going to do it again.

These drugs are interesting, I haven't experienced all drugs but I feel that there's a terrible injustice in our country regarding drugs, I would like to write a book titled God's Pill for the Gospel, how to legalize street drugs, since the prisons are busting at the seams Doctors are over medicalting patience everyday because they can cash in on medicare benefit. Too bad youi live in Colorado, I could use a open minded person to talk too every now and then.