My Lilly Pad

My sister Lisa and I woke up around 8:00am to our oldest sister Aleesaya saying, "get up". All I was wondering is whats so important that your waking me up early on the weekend. My sister told us our cousin Lilliana was in the hospital and she was in critical condition, but no one knew much on how she got to that point and what exactly was happening so we had to wait to find out. My two sisters left the room to brush their teeth and I sat on my bed and out of no where I started crying. I don't know exactly what I was feeling, but I think part of me knew that this whole thing was going to end bad. A few days later my sister's and my mom went up to the hospital to visit my cousin I didn't go with because my dad wanted at least one person home with him and the hospital was at least 30 minutes away so if anything happened at home me and my dad would be there. When they got back from the hospital they said my sister Lisa had fainted and threw up because she seen my cousin, she was always weak when it came to seeing blood or anything close to death. They said my cousin looked bad her head was shaved in one area because thats where the doctors drilled at to relieve pressure in her brain. Her face had purple marks and stuff and she was in a coma. I didn't need to know much just hearing she was in a coma gave me the chills. I couldn't believe this the only person I ever lost was my aunt and we weren't so close because she was on drugs. Me and my cousin though were very close we were about the same age so we'd always do stuff together. She was only 11 and she was dealing with all this now. About a week later we were headed out the door to go grocery shopping when my aunt Tina drove up (Lilliana's mom). So we sat on the porch and she told us exactly what happened from beginining to the present. She said her family had all been sick for about a week and everyone was getting better except Lilliana. My aunt told us she didn't know if Lilly just took longer to get better and everyone else was faster at getting better or what. Then she said over the days Lilly started getting sicker and sicker, she was vomitting, getting weaker, and etc. So she took Lilly to her family doctor and the doctor said most likely its the flu and she should drink lots of Gatorade. My aunt told us the lady looked like she was in a hurry almost as if the doctor thought lunch was going to run away or she was going on vacation. Then she said she wasn't convinced that this was just the flu so she asked the doctor for a blood test and the doc said it wouldn't be necessary, but my aunt insisted. After the blood test they headed home. A few days later at 3:00am in the morning my aunt Tina said her and my uncle Willie (Lilly's dad) had enough and took her to emergency. They sat in the waiting room and Lilly said she couldn't breathe, in a little while she slipped into a coma and from that hospital they rushed her in a helicopter to the next hospital, one that was bigger and delt with more serious things. Before my aunt and uncle left the small hospital one of the doctors said he got in contact with the family doctor and asked about the blood results and the family doctor said she was positive for diabetes 1 the worst diabetes there is. That same day at 8:00 am is when we found out about all this. I kept my composer while my aunt Tina told that whole story, but I think it was because we were all in disbelief. My aunt looked at me and said, " you didn't get to see her yet did you"? I told her no and my dad said he'd let me go since I didn't go before. When I got to the hospital I was scared to see her and when I got in the room I didn't know what to do. We spent some time with her reading jokes from the comic book, and playing her favorite music, and we talked to her because the doctors said she could still hear us even when she was in a coma. In this hospital it was two patients per room so next to Lilly was this little baby. My aunt told me he could cry but no sound or tears came. He was so tiny and I felt bad that he was already struggling and he was just brought into this world. I was happy I got to see her that day and I was more happy she was making progress and since my aunt visited her everyday she kept us updated. One day she called and said she came into the hospital as she did everyday and when she reached Lilly's room the doctors came out and said they just gave her, her daily medication. So my aunt went into the room along with my uncle and Lilly's siblings. My aunt said when they went in the room there was blood on her blanket and when she lifted it up to switch it she wasn't clothed so she told my uncle to wait, they placed the clean sheet on the dirty one and slid the dirty one out from underneath. My uncle gently tucked her in and then he touched her wrist thats when he noticed how cold she was and so he felt for her pulse, he looked at my aunt in panic mode and said she wasn't breathing to go get the doctors. My aunt ran out the room and for a brief moment noticed how the doctors were standing around like they knew something was wrong and she told them Lilly wasn't breathing. The doctors asked everyone to leave and wait in the waiting room, they had a hard time getting my uncle to leave because he just wanted to be by his daughters side. After about 20 minutes they told everyone it was fine to come back that they had revived her, they told my aunt and uncle that since she was gone for so long there was a big chance she was brain dead. They made the mistake of taking the tube for her medication through her shoulder instead of doing it through her thigh as they always did, all because the doctors said it was faster through her shoulder, it turns out the fluids hit her heart and caused her to stop breathing. My aunt said she'd call back when they got the results. So we waited for a few days and my aunt called and told us........................... she was brain dead. She had made progress after 3 months and now in those 20 minutes Lilly was tooken away from us. My aunt made the decision to not have her live on life support so we all gathered in the hospital on June 16, 2007. When we got to the floor she was on, we noticed it was a place for people on life support and so that meant many more people would be here. My sister Lisa decided not to see her and to just wait in the waiting room the whole time. So the first ones to go back were me, my sister Alee, and my brother Beno. As I walked to her room I seen the baby who was in Lilly's room also on life support, isn't that crazy that not only was Lilly there, but her roomate was to. I walked in Lilly's room already crying when I walked into the hospital, so I just added more tears on. We stood in there for awhile holding her hand looking into her eyes, of course wondering why. My aunt came in and said someone else could join us so we chose our cousin Zena. As soon as she came through that door she screamed out and cried. It was so hard seeing your family cry, so hard, it broke my heart. When everyone finished seeing her we all gathered in the room around 6:00pm, Lisa of course stood in the waiting room, and we stood for a few minutes looking at her. The the doctor came in explained about the machine and then pulled the plug ohhhh how hard that was, her sister screamed, "why her, what did she ever do to anyone." I didn't know how I or anyone would get over this, even writing this today I still wonder why it happened and how I stood so strong. I guess its because I remembered us playing babrbies and the last time we hung out when she said Missy I missed you! My Lilly Pad as I named her turned 12 in the hospital and got her period in the hospital too, she was just about to be a little woman, but unfourtantely never had the chance. My cousin said before any of that had happened before she went to the hospital she told her she felt like she was dieing, how do people know before they die that there going to die, that always seemed to amaze me. About a day or two after she died we were driving around and my mom looked up at the sky (and to some people this might sound crazy and like a huge lie) but her name was written in the sky L.I.L.L.I.A.N.A real big. I simply smiled knowing are little artist wrote that! I live for her everyday hoping I'm making her proud and showing her I'll live life for her because she never got the chance, My Lilly Pad!!! May 18, 1995- June 16, 2007

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Dear spiffy:<br />
You may not believe this, but I am actually crying right now even as I'm writting this. The reason why is because you're story really touched me like you have no idea. I know what you went through, and probably still are. There is 1 thing I would like to know though, how is it that a child such as yourself was able to posses a spirtiaul strenght as great as the one you have? The reason why I ask is because, I too lost someone very special to me, 10/07/2005. She was my Fiance, Yazmin Valencia Perez, it's gonna be 5 years in October since she left the Earth and I still can't get over her loss. Ever since then I have never been the same, I still miss her, I still mourn her loss, I still blame myself for her departure. I'm very sorry if my words to you are not comforting words, it's just that when I read your story, it reminded me of Yazmin because she died almost the same way she did, well, anyway, thank you sweety, for the add.

Spiffy,<br />
Do not worry. Everything in life has already happened, it is sort of like we are just not knowing what is going to happen. But, in reality, time has no meaning. Like when we see a star, it's light has been heading our way long before we saw it.<br />
Life is going to happen, and it is good to know you are not alone in this world where misery strikes randomly and with no solace but friends and your faith.<br />
Worry about people , but don't let it freeze you............. you are very loved and it is contagious...