Bullshit Reverse Sexism

Big vent right now I guess.

Had a gorgeous baby girl recently unfortunatley i had her with the most irrational, manipulative, *****.
Maybe a bit of a over statement but it is what it is. Had a big fight today, haven't had one in awhile just little ones but anytime we do, she likes picking up our little girl everytime we argue. This time she was yelling pretty loudly in bubs ear, so I told her to put her down that it's not right to yell in her ear, and how she shouldn't always go to hold our girl everytime we argue. She didn't obviously, I have no idea why she insists on yelling in our little girls ear and somehow justify it.

I eventually had enough and went to take her off her gently offcourse, to put her down. When I went to do this she snatched bub away from me and pushed her head into my extended hands not even that hard really cause my arms were pretty loose in aproaching bub. But then she starts screaming at the top of her lungs and accusing me of hitting her, when she hit herself! Grrrr so angry right now, it's not in me at all no matter how angry to hit anyone little alone the mother of my child while shes holding our girl, and it still wasn't even that hard when she turned into my hand.

She then began to scream and scream, scaring the **** out of our baby girl. I told her to knock it off and look at what she was doing to our baby girl but she just continued for ages. Then she started packing bubs nappy bag, I asked her what did she think she was doing and that she wasn't going to steal our child away from me like this, ecspecially considering her frame of mind.
She just kept packing, when she finished and went to leave i grabbed the bag and told her "no, your not gonna kidnap my baby" So she started screaming again right in bubs face, after a short while I just let go of the bag to spare our baby from her crying, looking back I should have done something.

She then messaged me accusing me of hitting her! And has now turned her phone off, I have no idea where my baby is or even if she is safe. I don't know whether to go to police or even if they can do anything although im sure they would if me as a man took off with our child like that.

I hate this so much! In a effort to ensure protection of women and domestic violence, a double standard is created for which she used brilliantly against me. She has no mark, no nothing but on the basis of a lie, all I say is held against me. She took off with our girl that we are both legally responsible for and both are the parents for, and there is not much I can do in the immediate future as it is a family court issue. Yet if I was a woman I would have more rights in this instance, and a baseless allegation of violence would be laughed at not taking as truth instantly. Which is the way it usually is, I witnessed my brother be attacked by his wife many years ago, he restrained her from hitting him with a bat, she had the smallest bruise on her wrist. Yet she charged him and he nor me were listened to at all about what had happened, she went home with the kids, while he got taking in for questioning and she put an AVO against him.

What bullshit! So much for equality! So much for fair treatment! Doesn't even have to be truth, a allegation against a man is enough, the mans story practically invalid. I'm worried about my girl, think I might call the cops all though its usless really.
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4 Responses Dec 13, 2010

bub is the major in all this but from the comment sounds like your other half suffered from pre menstral tention or premenstral syndrome,and this could be reason for behaviour as these symptoms can escalate into severe post natal depression

It's ironic that she works for a child protection agency yet she allows bub to be in the middle of this unfortunate situation when she should realize the negative impact that this could cause bub. With regards to custody, as far as i know and i could be wrong, the mother has the primary custody for the care of an infant or a child unless she is proven unfit to do the job. I only wish you can settle this amongst yourselves without any police or legal interventions as doing so might escalate or heighten anger between you. Ultimately, bub is the silent victim if the outcome didn't turn out well.

I agree wth the above your wife does sound like she has PND and for sake of her and child she needs help,please try to locate her and if she's with someone then try to enlist their help to help your wife,or go see the police as people with post natal depression can injure themselves and those with themselves or worse.If its life or death situation the police will put out an APB.

Equality is such an ambiguity in this world. It is sad that bub (how sweet and endearing!) had to be in the middle of your quarrels and that your wife had to use her as her shield and tries to make you look bad. You seem to be a caring and loving father. <br />
I dont know how recent she gave birth and what kind of a person your wife is prior, but would you consider a possibity that your wife might be suffering from postpartum depression? If she is, i hope she follows up with her doctor. Suffering from it could endanger your baby and herself. <br />
Making something trivial appear violent just so to make you look like a terrible person, bordering criminal is a red flag to me. Hope you won't face the same dilemma like that of your brother.