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Short Term Memory.

I love to watch documentaries on TV along with sports and the news that's about all I do watch.
It's amazing what you can learn from the documentary channels, and what really seals the deal for me, is that documentaries are constantly updating.
When I was a kid at school we were still being taught the received wisdom of the Victorians on most subjects. The Victorians got so much wrong about so many subjects, some times due to their superior Empire builders attitude, sometimes because they just didn't have the technology and analytical devices
that we have today.
My only slight regret is, that because of my short term memory problems caused by the brain damage I sustained in 1973. At the end of a documentary I will have understood the point and every little detail  of the programme and been impressed by the often newly discovered facts but, within an hour all I can remember is the general thrust and overall impression that I gleaned from the programme. The details, stats and newly discovered facts are largely forgotten. It's a pain but, it does mean that I can watch the same documentary over and over and never get bored because I already know it all :)
Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining.
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 6 Responses Apr 29, 2011

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I have short-term memory problems, too, but they're was I going to say? Oh, rats!

(grin) At least you KNOW you've forgotten. I mean - short term memory? - I thought it was a joke, until I heard an actual person call into a talk radio show today, and was wondering if "Neil Armstrong committed suicide after they ******** him of his Cycling Trophies Friday"<br />
and - she was serious, and could not understand why the hosts were laughing at her.

Mmmm sounds like the lady got a little confused.

But, really, more seriously, I call it the "It-is-not-NEWS-because-you-finally-noticed-it-syndrome." -There are a LOT of people who walk around, blind and oblivious to the world, who finally notice something when it smacks them in the face, and then run around like it is the most momentous thing in the world. Instead of going on with this rant, here, I'll just post it as a story.

That's actually a very good point Angus. I've noticed the phenomenom but never given it any thought.
People do like to make an issue out of yesterdays news.

I made an article on here, out of what I saw, as a Disaster Management Planner, before Katrina. And believe me, there are a whole lot of people that want to deny what I say about the way it was. Same for what I said about Anti-terrorism precautions before OKC and 9/11 - yes, I was a low level person, and told by older and wiser heads to "shut up," as I was talking about stuff that could "never happen." - but, short term memory loss, is way more common than people realize.

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I also have short term memory problems. 5 major surgeries in 18 months with Versed used by the doctors. Versed is an amnesiac and it takes the brain 1 year to recover from just one use. Check it is used by intelligence opperatives after they have interrogated they don't remember what they said. I read daily and often after I have gone through half of the book, I realize I already read it. Same thing with tv programs.

Sorry to read this sunny. I hope that your memory improves as time goes by.

I adore your attitude Ari~ ;-)

IT helps me get by hc.

Ari, For forgetting some stuff you are sure one smart man!! I love documentaries too and can watch them over and over just because I think I have mental retention issues.....It was the same in school. Some things I remember forever and some things just sort of slip right on out.<br />
<br />
How cool that it's a silver lining for you....I'm totally gonna steal that idea now!! I LOVE silver linings!

That's the sie we all know and love, if there's something good to be had you're right in there.

Awwww thanks Ari... ♥

That is surely a positive silver lining. I am sorry that you don't always have the recollection for the things discussed in the documentary. You could always watch them and maybe research the topic a little further in detail later.