Documantaries Politics?

well I can safely say that when i watch a documentary, I can see If the director has a Liberal, or conservative point of view. For myself I try to stay in the middle of the road. And keep my mind open to other thoughts and ideas, from watching most Micheal Moore's movies I can easily sa y that he has a very Liberal agenda. He usually speaks about the corporate greed of the Free Market, against the selling of guns in our Kmarts and has a serious issue with out Health Care system.

then Ive Just recently seen another documentary called, "College the Greatest Conspiracy" It was almost an exact Polar opposite of what Mr. Moor stands for.Because in this documentary (you can find on Youtube) it clearly States Over and Over again that the way to fix the American economy is to keep government away from the banks and Billion dollar enterprises,that the free Market will fix itself.

I watch all sorts of documentaries and now i see a clear distinction between the two. most people watch documentaries from all over the spectrum and side with whatever political view they have just seen. My question to you my fellow Documentary junkies, is....... Can you tell the difference?
looking4tha1 looking4tha1
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2011