Documentaries On Pregnancy And Birth

Since becoming pregnant I've been consuming as much information on pregnancy and childbirth as I can (and parenting too, obviously). I've found two very good documentaries so far.

The first is Babies. This film is so visually beautiful with such great production that I often forgot it was a documentary. It follows four babies through heir first year of life in different countries. The babies are from San Francisco, Japan, Mongolia, and Namibia. The way they are raised differs wildly from one culture to the next, and I was surprised by some of the things I saw. Going diaper free in Mongolia! Wiping your baby's poo off on your knee in Namibia! There is no narration, only the real-life dialogue of the adults around the babies. Native languages go completely, untranslated, but not understanding the words they say doesn't mean you don't understand the meaning behind them, and that's always very clear. The babies are simply adorable, and the music is exquisite.

The other is The Business of Giving Birth. This is a Ricki Lake production, and I honestly had no idea how awesome she was. It's about the industrialization of the birth industry, and examines why America has such rate of medical intervention (c-sections, inductions, epidurals), yet loses more babies and mothers than even some 3rd world countries. It features quite a few births, including Ricki Lake's own birth, and it doesn't censor anything. You will see a baby  coming out of a vagina. But it isn't that scary. It's empowering, if anything. It also features a woman who's home birth doesn't go as planned and has to get a c-section, so it doesn't mommy bash or shame.

Do you have any recommendations for any other documentaries on pregnancy and birth?
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I don't have any recommendations but please remember your body is designed to give birth naturally and all babies come with out a manual so just work things out they will let you know when they are hungry,uncomfortable,in pain or tired but won't give in.

I watched baby and its so beautiful. I love it. Congratulation for baby on the way (ノ´ー`)ノ